Programovací kabel pro S7-200 a UN200, USB-PPI, Multimaster, Unimat, UN 901-3DB30-0XA0

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Manufacturer: Unimat
Availability: skladem (1 Ks)
Ord. number:UN 901-3DB30-0XA0
HS Code (Taric): 85444290
Country of origin: CN


USB-PPI adapter is used to connect UniMAT UN200 PLC to all other automatic products what support PPI & advanced PPI protocol. The circuit has built-in optical isolation with high immunity.

It can replace Siemens PC/PPI USB adapter as it has all functions what Siemens adapter has. It supports Multi Master Communication and can adapt Baud rate automatically in MMC.


Characteristics and Technical Specification

- Support USB/PPI operation systemwindows2000/windows XP

- USB/PPI Software versionSTEP7/Micro/WIN V4.0 SP3 and aboveno need any drive program.

- Power Supply and Consumption

USB portUSB backplane power supplyDC5Vpower loss about 50mA

485 portPPI port power supplyDC24Vpower loss about 15mV

- USB 485 interface with overcurrent protectionlightning-defend protection and prevention of feedback

- Optical galvanic Voltage1000V DC or 3500VAC

- Baud Rate9.6Kbps19.2Kbps187.5Kbps and automotive adapt baud rate in Multiple Master Network.

- Support communication protocolPPIAdvanced PPI

- Support Multiple Master Network

- Support long distance communicationRS485 port Max. distance: 2Km9.6Kbps),1Km(187.5Kbps)

- Each PC just use one USB cable

- Work temperature-10~+70

PC port cable length0.8M

- Cable length3Mcan change by order),colorblack



- UniMAT UN200 CPU

- All other CPU which is compatible with UN200 CPUSuch as Siemens S7-200 CPU

- All HMI device what support PC/PPI protocol

- Can connect to EM277 and program S7-200 or any other compatible CPU


The definition of the pin


Series No.





RS485 logic Grand



24V Power Grand


Signal B

RXD/TXD+RS485 signal +



Current control signalTTL level



RS485 Logic Grand



5V Power +



24V Power +


Signal A

RXD/TXD-RS485 Signal -


Protocol Switch




Indicating Lamp Instruction:

PPI indicating lamp:PPI cable and PLC 485 port interface normal communicate.

USB indicating lamp: PPI cable and PC normal communicate.

POWER indicating lamp: PPI cable and PLC 485 port interface normally supplied power.

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